Virtual Showhouse

The House That Diversity Built

Join our all-star panel of designers as they create the Fall High Point Market Virtual Showhouse! This exclusive line-up will bring diverse backgrounds, design experiences and global perspectives to their individual design plans, has created a one-of-a-kind, dream home residence with an exclusive mix of cultural influences and product perspectives.

Designers include Nile Johnson, House Beautiful Advisory Board Member & African-American top 20 Interior Designer, multi-award-winning Interior Design Principal of Nile Johnson Interior Design based in Kennett Square, PA, & member of the Black Artists + Designers Guild (BADG); Breegan Jane, a designer, entrepreneur, lifestyle expert and philanthropist in Los Angeles and founder of Breegan Jane Interior Design; Don Ricardo Massenburg, residential & commercial designer and Founder of DESiGN iNKREDiBLE LLC based in Lane Durham, NC;  Erika Taylor, Owner & Principal of Taylored Interior Solutions LLC, a full-service interior design company-based in Philadelphia, PA and member of the Black Interior Designers Network (BIDN); Alberthe Buabeng, e-Designer, author, owner of Albie Knows, founder of The Design Influence Podcast, member of BIDN and House Beautiful Advisory Board Member; David Santiago, set design, hospitality, commercial & residential designer, Founder of Strictly Santi brand, Owner of Casa Santi  Interior Design and Co-President, International Furniture & Design Association, NY Chapter (IFDA); and Byron Risdon, ASID, owner of Byron Risdon LLC, based in Washington D.C. and member of BADG. Also, joining as moderator will be Monique Valeris, Senior Home Editor for Good Housekeeping.

To cap it all off, we’re having a celebratory cocktail hour with these rock stars of the design world, allowing you to mix and mingle with some of the industry’s brightest personalities.

The House That Diversity Built Webinar
Thursday, October 8 | 1-2:30 PM EDT

1.5 CEU

Watch the Presentation Here!

Don Ricardo Massenburg | Home Office

About Don Ricardo’s Design: This elegant home office and lounge is an absolute necessity during this time of stay at home orders. The demand for work from home spaces has increased significantly during the pandemic.

Don Ricardo Virtual Showhouse

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Breegan Jane | Kitchen

About Breegan’s Design: My overall design philosophy has always been that luxury should be both attainable and approachable. I really loved the build up of finding inspiration behind the design and seeing how sourcing options from so many different shops can really bring an idea to life.

Breegan Jane - Virtual Showhouse  

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Byron Risdon | Nursery

How do you incorporate your own background, history and heritage into your own design work? As a designer I incorporate my experiences and knowledge as an industry professional. The spaces I create are reflective of my clients wants and needs in collaboration with my personal aesthetic and abilities.

Byron Risdon Virtual Showhouse

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Albie Buabeng | Outdoor Space

About Albie’s Design: My design philosophy can be simply described as “comfort chic”, which is the same design ethos I applied to the outdoor spaces I created — a combination of natural materials and neutral hues, balanced with fun, unexpected pops of color. Because this is an outdoor space, my favorite part was specifying natural materials that will be durable but all patina beautifully over time in the elements. This allows the design to evolve in unique & unexpected ways.

Albie Virtual Showhouse

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Nile Johnson | Media Room

About Nile’s Design: My overall design philosophy is “approachable luxury.” A space you’d be proud to show-off, and not scared to use. Inspired by shelter-in-place orders, this media room is taking “Net?ix & Chill” to the next level. The space needed to be as enjoyable as what was happening on the screen. If just for one moment, I can be a force for beauty, and transport my clients away from some of the ugliness in the world, then I’ve done my job.

Nile Virtual Showhouse

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Erika Taylor | Living Room

About Erika’s Design: Black and white has always been one of my favorite color combinations. It’s a great foundation for any room that works as-is and plays well with any accent color you can imagine. That said, a black-and-white palette can feel a bit cold or too industrial, which is why I love the idea of using natural wood accents to bring warmth to black and white spaces.

Erika Virtual Showhouse

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David Santiago | Dining Room

About David’s Design: Philosophy: For me, design and decorating should be fun and a celebration of style rooted in context and form. Not some strange concept or radical idea that gets lost in translation. It’s about telling a story visually appealing to the senses with decor that ultimately defines a curated space.

David Virtual Showhouse

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