Shoppe Object - High Point

Market Square
MS 330, 348, 392 Shoppe Object 

Do you love innovative, inspirational, and well-made designs? Then explore Shoppe Object - High Point. Featuring a curated roster of established and contemporary home décor and furnishings resources, Shoppe Object - High Point further enriches the comprehensive offerings at the Suites and SALON. Now, there are even greater opportunities to shop trend-forward products and browse cross-category resources in the incredible Market Square setting.

Shoppe Object - High Point is meant for buyers searching for stimulating brands to ignite their creativity, as well as a sense of community with industry peers. Part of what makes Shoppe Object an exceptional show is their ability to generate connections among their designers and fellow creators. Shoppe Object - High Point’s unique array of products and compelling curation is making its mark with over 100 innovative brands to source.

During your explorations at High Point Market, you can source the illustrious floors of the Suites and SALON, in addition to the third floor of Historic Market Square - making this a must-see destination. Discover the magic of Shoppe Object - High Point on the third floor of Historic Market Square.

About Shoppe Object

Want to know more about the show within the show? Shoppe Object is New York’s premier home and gift show. With a curated roster of visionary brands and makers presented in an elevated setting, the show is the ultimate resource for tastemaking merchants and influential editors. Born of a vanguard spirit to celebrate and service the progressive retail and design community, Shoppe Object is a gathering of fellowship, an expression of ideas, and a physical manifestation of a shared dedication to, and reverence for, the beautiful, the inspired, and the well-made.

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