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Fall 2022 Market Webinars:

TrendWatch: Fall 2022 Webinar

Evolving Color with Sherwin-Williams

Spring 2022 Market Webinars:

TrendWatch: Spring 2022 Webinar

MARKET INSIGHTS: Industry Intel for 2022

Fall 2021 Market Webinars:

MARKET INSIGHTS: How the Housing Market Could Impact the Industry in 2022 Passcode: ir58B$9U 

What I Wish I Knew When Potential Clients Call Passcode: i8qn&uU$ 

Noteworthy New Materials in the Market Passcode: .X3ouCnC 

TrendWatch: Fall 2021 Passcode: ?5H11qie

MARKET INSIGHTS: The Art and Science of Store Checks Passcode: W.MJR7x1 

ITA: The Power of Our Stories Passcode: 6*H.zkE1 

MARKET INSIGHTS: Merging Digital & In-Person Markets

Exploring New Trends in Product Design Passcode: mO59s+Hc 

MARKET INSIGHTS: The Next Golden Age of Design

Spring 2021 Market Webinars:

MARKET INSIGHTS: Designing & Sourcing What’s Next in 2021

How to Build Your Resources & Relationships to Increase Revenue

MARKET INSIGHTS: Cross-Merchandising for the Win

New Lighting Trends in High Point

How Business Success Serves Your Life Goals

Trendwatch - Spring 2021

Shining a Spotlight on Product Design

Market Insights: Back to Business: Attracting Buyers to In Person Visits

Reality Shifts: What Consumers Want and How They Want It

Market Insights: 2021 - The Year of Wellness: Healthy Home Products & Trends that Can Drive Sales

Market Insights: Smartphone Photo Tips to Elevate Your Brand

Market Insights: How to Design a Happy Home

Fall 2020 Market Webinars:

ReImagine, ReOpen & ReEngage: Visual Merchandising Transformed

Walking the Market with Rug News & Designs

Working with a Coach Part II Featuring Gail Doby

Sherwin-Williams: How Do Cultures Influence Color?

Working with a Coach Part I Featuring Kimberley Seldon

How COVID-19 May Change Home Décor Preferences

Using Financing to Retain and Attract Customers in Uncertain Economic Times

Our New Customer: Understanding the Millennial Designer and Their Digital First Client

Re-defining Luxury

The House that Diversity Built

Expand Your Network: The Benefits of Building Relationships

TrendWatch Fall 2020 Part 3: PROLOGUE

Your Brand: Promoting, Licensing and Protecting It!

TrendWatch Fall 2020 Part 2: POD

Insider Tips for the Best Photography for Your Marketing & Money

Vision Talk: Bottom Line Basics with Gail Doby

How to Shop for Eco, No Matter What You're Shopping For

TrendWatch Fall 2020 Part 1: TOUCH POINTS