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Think about it: thousands of buyers, retailers, interior designers, and media professionals from around the globe – it’s the most serious concentration of buying power in the industry. High Point Market publications remain the most efficient and effective advertising solution. Before, during and after Market, the people you most want to reach are reaching for the Previews, the Market Resource Guide and the Pocket Guide. Download a media kit to learn more.

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2024 Media Kit

Take advantage of our Sponsorship and Advertising opportunities to promote your brand, reach buyers and get instant results.

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Sponsorship and Advertising Team

Rhonda Jackson, VP of Advertising

336.821.1509 | rjackson@andmore.com 

Damon Crone, Account Executive

336.508.8188 | dcrone@andmore.com

Diane Rice, Account Executive

336.888.3703 | drice@andmore.com 

Hayden Harris, Account Executive 

336.307.1149 | hharris@andmore.com

Heather Hicks, Account Executive

336.267.0863 | hhicks@andmore.com

Karen Wood, Account Executive 

336.821.1544 | kwood@andmore.com

Sheryl Bell, Production Director

336.821.1532 | sbell@andmore.com

Tanya RobertsAdvertising Production Specialist

336.821.1532 | TRoberts@andmore.com

Sherry Stephens, Admin Assistant 

336.888.3707 | sstephens@andmore.com

On-Site Advertising: Instant Results

Retailers whose livelihoods depend on closing the sale know that when the customer is in the store when the real salesmanship begins. Point of sale advertising continues to be a popular tactic for a simple reason: it works. In the same way that point of sale advertising works for retailers, on-site advertising works for exhibitors. On-site messaging is the final and,  experts agree, most critical part of the marketing mix. With the prospect on the property and in the buying state of mind, your message has its highest potential to incite action. Grab these opportunities while they are available. Many are first-come, first-serve. Download the sponsorship catalog to learn more. 

High Point Market Sponsorship Catalog | Hear How Advertising Works


Window & Wallboard Advertising

Large window posters greet foot traffic at our most heavily-traveled entrances at Commerce and Main lobbies. Opportunities are limited so call early. Contact your Account Executive for more information.

Elevator Door Advertising

Take advantage of our large format graphics on the interior and exterior elevator doors and your message travels with the crowds. There are several positions available. Contact your Account Executive for more information.

Plasma TVs

Large plasma screen TVs mounted strategically throughout the properties at gathering places and elevators are prime vehicles for your message. Contact your Account Executive for more information.

Tote Bags

Co-sponsored tote bags, distributed at every ANDMORE registration and information desk. Only one sponsorship is available per market. Contact your Account Executive for more information.

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