Lighting Trends: Memphis Milano Comeback

One of the most exciting aspects of High Point Market is experiencing emerging trends firsthand. Hudson Valley Lighting Group’s array of decorative lighting brands (Hudson Valley Lighting, Troy, Corbett, and Mitzi) at Market Square M90 are all engaging with these trends in ways you’ll have to see for yourself. Read on to see what looks are in for the upcoming season.

Trend 4: Memphis Milano Comeback

A particularly surprising comeback has been the Memphis Design Movement (or Memphis Milano), one of the defining looks of the eighties. From an exhibit on it at the Metropolitan Museum of Art last fall to a full-on pop-up curated by original Memphis designer Peter Shire at Nordstrom’s flagship store in Seattle right now, the revival is on coast-to-coast. The focus has been on its playful sense of proportion and use of primary shapes (if not colors): circle, square, triangle. Adding to the heady sense of restrained eclecticism evident in swoon-worthy spaces, some designers have been finding novel ways to slip elements of the Memphis Milano movement into their projects. Toward this aim, Corbett, renowned for their glamorous large-scale pieces, has quietly offered three wall sconces with a lot of character: Moscato, Spinnaker, and Trance. You can see how Corbett puts their own touch on these Memphis-inspired designs, using their sensuous gold leaf finish and textural Venetian glass. This allows them to play in a wider range of spaces while staying true to Corbett’s brand.


Memphis Milano Comeback

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