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Industry Voices: Wasser’s Exclusive Furniture & Interiors

Industry Voices: Wasser’s Exclusive Furniture & Interiors

For one Florida-based furniture and décor retailer, the 2020 shutdown became an opportunity for future success. Although impacted by ever-changing guidelines accompanying the global pandemic, Wasser’s Exclusive Furniture & Interiors forged ahead with a major construction project.


“We decided to take on this major renovation during the pandemic for a few reasons,” says Jaime Wasser-Hack, vice president. “First, we thought it was important during the pandemic to do something positive for improving our business and show our clients we are here for the long haul, and we thought what better way to celebrate our 40th year in business in South Florida than to give our facade a major facelift.  

“Even though most business probably cut back on their spending during this time when non-essential businesses were shut down, we were able to keep all our employees on payroll, continue working remotely, and do improvements both on the inside and exterior of our showroom, which were always a priority to us,” continues Wasser-Hack. “We are in our third generation in our family business and we wanted our exterior of our showroom to exemplify what we offer inside. Even though our historic brick front previous facade showed our legacy and where we came from, our new elegant and modernized, upscale and design-focused facade shows not only where we are today, but also where we are going in the future.”

Once Wasser’s reopened after the initial shutdown, the team kept excitement building by positioning a substantial rendering of the future façade near the entrance. Wasser-Hack said the signage was a great conversation piece with customers, many of whom came in ready to update their interiors after weeks of stay-at-home mandates.

“There are a few things that have become very hot items with our clients as of late, and the first that comes to mind is anything in stock!” says Wasser-Hack. “We have always had a healthy inventory and variety of categories on display and in our warehouse and during this time, we have been able to sell through our showroom samples and inventory that we had back in our warehouse.”

Along with in-stock, Wasser’s experienced increased customer demand for motion furniture.

“As people are staying home on weekends and no one is really venturing to movie theaters, we have seen an increased interest in motion furniture, specifically power reclining sofas and sectionals,” Wasser-Hack explains. A”lso,  as predicted and discussed in our last conversation on the podcast we did while we were shut down, there has been a boom in ‘coronials’- or quarantine babies. In perfect time, since we added Little Wasser’s to our showroom a few years ago, our nursery items have become so hot and in high demand! More time at home equals more babies!” 

As in many areas throughout the country, customers at Wasser’s are buying outdoor furniture in increased numbers. Additionally, products for home offices are hot picks in the Florida store, mirrioring national trends.

“We have seen more people willing to invest in more areas in their home,” says Wasser-Hack. “Many families used to have money that was put aside and spent on travel and outside entertainment, and they have reallocated that money toward converting guest bedrooms to fully equipped theatre rooms and making dedicated home office spaces, or just updating and renovating and redecorating areas in their home that were neglected over the years.  

“Previously consumers did not really mind waiting for special order furniture but we are seeing more and more people wanting instant gratification and wanting only to purchase items that are available NOW so they can enjoy it NOW with their families. Since there is not only one factor in delays, and lead times have become unreasonably long from the consumers’ perspective and are ever-changing, it's been challenging to convince them that it is worth the wait. It has been a struggle, but we have managed to work through it with our transparency and honesty to the customer up front and keeping them updated about their orders throughout the process.”

Wasser-Hack said her entire team is eager to return to High Point Market to see new products, upcoming trends, and old friends, adding that the outlook for 2021 is positive.

“We have been very fortunate to be very busy throughout the pandemic,” she explains. “And with many people relocating to Florida, we expect a boost in business in our territory even more so than usual.”