Fresh to Follow: Meet Cole Dignard

Fresh To Follow

In an effort to highlight free-thinking designers with a unique approach to their work, don’t miss Fresh to Follow. Each spring and fall, we’ll unveil a new designer or group of designers we deem “follow-worthy.” This fall, jump on board with five Celia Moh Scholarship recipients. Find out what drives each of their individual passions and follow along to see what new perspectives they'll have to share at Fall Market. We invite you the meet the fourth of five Fresh to Follow contributors.


Cole Dignard
Originally from Chesapeake, VA, Cole Dignard is a junior at North Carolina State University. He is majoring in Industrial Design.  He chose his major because of his love for creativity. He knew he wanted to find a program that would allow him to grow his imagination and equip him with the ability to create real world projects.  Industrial design is centralized around innovation, but encompasses many different fields. He was inspired by the skills needed to be an industrial designer and felt with his imagination he could use the skills to bring tangible products into existence. Cole loves to play baseball, which he has played competitively for his entire life. He also loves to surf but his main hobby is working with his hands. Cole runs a small business, where he hand makes and sells baseball bats. 



Why did you decide to pursue a design-related career?

I chose industrial design as a career because I love to create. The feeling you get after creating something that would not have existed without your efforts is indescribable. I also wanted to be able to pursue a degree that would allow me to use my imagination to produce tangible products that would serve my community.

Where do you imagine working when you graduate?

I imagine working at a place that produces high quality long lasting products whether it be furniture or consumer goods. I want to be a part of the movement away from disposable products.

What are a few of your favorite “designs,” whether home furnishings, apparel, logos, etc. and why?

Two of my favorite designs are the Sam Maloof rocking chair and the Nakashima Conoid chair. Both designs are timeless and are still as functional and elegant today as they were when they were first designed and constructed.

What are you looking forward to the most with regard to attending High Point Market?

I am excited to have the opportunity to visit the High Point Market where I am looking forward to connecting with others that share my same beliefs, values, and passions for furniture design.

How do you define outstanding design?

I define outstanding design as elegant and functional, innovative, and long lasting. I also believe an outstanding design must be executed using high quality materials and excellent craftsmanship.