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    More Than 100 New Showrooms to Debut at High Point Fall Market

    More Than 100 New Showrooms to Debut at High Point Fall Market

    75+ Showrooms Expanded and/or Relocated for October Market


    HIGH POINT, N.C. – (October 11, 2018) – International Market Centers (IMC) announced today the openings of more than 100 new showrooms at High Point Fall Market.


    New showrooms include:

    1429 Furniture SAMS G-6021 Salon

    American Made Silks SHOW 2317

    AM Home Textiles SAMS M-1033

    Angel Line SAMS M-1028

    ASP and Company SAMS T-814

    Auskin USA Inc. IHFC H417

    BAI SAMS T-821

    Barrel-Art SAMS T-610

    Bed Dress by Penucha SAMS T-830

    Belle Meade Hospitality SAMS T-472

    Bennett Galleries MS 113

    Bivona & Company MS 307


    BruTex MST 370

    BY FLY SAMS G-7056 Salon

    Carroll Companies SAMS T-830

    CCF - Custom Contact Furnishings SAMS T-467

    Ceramicarte Deruta SAMS G-7055 Salon

    Clouds Alpaca SAMS M-1037

    Common Ground Distributors MS 288

    COOHOM SAMS M-6010

    Creation Flooring Inc. IHFC G367

    Creative Matters Inc. SAMS M-1043

    Cuddledown SAMS T-822

    Culp Hospitality SAMS T-463

    Culp Upholstery Fabric - Division of Culp Inc. MST 405

    Domitalia 220 Elm 308

    Dowel Furniture IHFC IH506 INTERHALL

    Efhe Fuar Danismanligi Ve Dis Ticaret LTD Tugara Rugs IHFC M413

    Eurø Style Contract SAMS T-460

    Face to Face Designs SAMS M-2033

    Faustine Furniture SAMS M-2035

    Ferro Designs MS G-69 ADC

    Ford Art & Antiques MS G-62a, 65 ADC


    Friedman Brothers Mirrors 200 N. Hamilton 102

    Furniture Solutions Network SAMS T-839

    Fusion Furniture PS 406

    GQ Gallery IHFC D508

    Great American Finance FP 518

    Greentouch USA PS 1-542

    Green Apple Home Style SAMS G-7056 Salon

    Handknotted MS 290

    Harkiss Designs SAMS T-907

    Health Mate FP 618

    Hite House SAMS M-5031

    Home Textiles India SAMS M-8007

    Honour Collection SAMS G-7004 Salon

    Hubbardton Forge SAMS M-7053

    IE Furniture SAMS T-471

    Ikat Jewelry SAMS T-903

    Impressions Vanity SAMS T-810

    Interiors with Provenance MS G-29 ADC

    It’s All About An Idea SAMS T-917

    Ivena International SAMS M-4060

    Ivy Luxury Bath Essential SAMS T-824

    J & M Antiques MS G-4 ADC

    JLF Collections SAMS T-481

    Johanna Howard Home SAMS M-5017

    J Star IHFC M632

    Kenneth Cobonpue IHFC IH202 INTERHALL

    Kim Salmela for Norwalk SAMS G-6055 Salon

    Knock On Wood MS G-66 ADC

    Lane Venture MST 114

    Lechuza SAMS T-611

    Lenzi Marble Attitude IHFC IH503 INTERHALL

    Lily’s Living SAMS G-1036, G-3015

    L’Objet Bleu MS G-30c ADC

    Masaya and Co. SAMS G-7044 Salon

    Mended Metals SAMS M-3038

    Michael & Co MS G-4 ADC

    Minted Art SAMS M-2029

    MyLease Powered by Mollie Financial PS 1-531A

    Northwoods Artistry SAMS T-722

    Nash Fine Art SAMS M-7001

    Ornek Hali Tekstil Sanayi Ticaret LTD. IHFC M413

    Orijinal SAMS T-901

    Ozzio Italia 220 Elm 330

    P’kolino IHFC IH200 INTERHALL

    Pezzan USA 220 Elm 308

    Potterton Books MS G-1b ADC

    R Mended Metals SAMS M-3038

    RONA Glassworks SAMS T-477

    Scott Living by Greentouch Home PS 1-542

    SE7E SAMS G-7054 Salon

    Seera Creative SAMS T-813

    Smart Flex USA PS 1-540

    Smart.Market SAMS T-838

    Society Social SAMS G-6047 Salon

    Sono Inspired SHOW 3446

    Spence Collection MS G-17 ADC

    Springs Creative MST 401

    Stacy Furniture PS 1-559

    Studio 67 SAMS M-6009

    Suzanne Nicoll Studio SAMS M-7007

    The Little Birdie SAMS T-807

    Toss It Curbside SAMS T-840

    Twelve31Jewels SAMS T-902

    Unique Loom Handknotted MS 290

    Urban Barnwood Furniture IHFC D1110

    Warehouse 2120 SAMS M-1029

    X8 Chairs SAMS G-7054 Salon

    Yarn & Loom MST 380

    Zentique SAMS G-6007 Salon


    Additionally, 75+ showrooms expanded and/or relocated for October Market.


    These showrooms include:

    A & B Home Inc. IHFC H320

    Added Oomph SAMS M-5028

    Addison Weeks SAMS G-7034 Salon

    Akarsu Hali sanayi ve Ticaret LTD IHFC M413

    Albany Industries IHFC H744

    Alder & Tweed Furniture C&D 1C

    Alicia Adams Alpaca SAMS M-7034

    All Across Africa SAMS M-3034

    Ameritiques MS G-28 ADC


    Arteriors C&D 1A, 1B, 1G, 4B

    Ashore SAMS M-4007

    Bailey Brooke Home SAMS M-1044

    Barnes Upholstery SAMS M-3037

    Boga Rugs SAMS G-1033

    Brunswick Billiards SAMS M-3040

    carol & frank SAMS M-3024

    Carolina Classic Furniture SAMS T-721

    Charles Hanlon Antiques MS G-35 ADC

    Charleston Shoe Company SAMS T-1010

    Citizen Clocks SAMS M-4024

    Classic Brands FP 206

    Cloud9 Design SAMS G-1025

    County Road SAMS M-7048

    Dalton Bain MS G-61,67 ADC

    D Home SAMS G-4041

    Dimplex IHFC H745

    DIRA SAMS G-6046 Salon

    Djem Unique Design, LLC MS G-64 ADC

    Elaine Gleason Studio SAMS M-6053


    Eurdécor SAMS G-6013 Salon

    Fermob USA SAMS G-6000A Salon

    Fibreworks SAMS M-5038

    Furniture Pipeline SAMS M-5035

    Global Home Group FP 410

    Golding Fabrics MST 764

    GTA/Global Textile Alliance MS 253

    GuildMaster IHFC C403

    Harounian Rugs International MST 110A

    Home Furnishings Insurance Group SAMS T-836

    India’s Heritage SAMS G-2021

    Jaipur Home FP 210

    Kathryn McCoy SAMS G-6054 Salon

    Kevin O’Brien Studio SAMS G-6017 Salon

    Leif Petersen 220 Elm 328

    Leslie Archer Studios SAMS M-2022

    Ile Olufunke SAMS T-719

    Loft Antiques MS G-35 ADC

    Maria’s Antiques MS G-17 ADC

    Matheson’s Fine Art and Antiques MS G-58 ADC

    MD Home Collection SAMS G-4041

    Michael Clement SAMS T-720

    Milliken & Company MST 409

    Ngala Trading SAMS G-7038 Salon

    Ole Collection SAMS T-1110

    Ornis Gallery SAMS T-800

    Phillip Allen Hefner Collection SAMS T-811

    Phillips Scott SAMS G-7000 Salon

    Prestige Mills and Stark MS 240

    Prima Design Source SAMS G-1043

    Robert Corprew Antiques MS G-8 ADC

    Robin Baron SAMS G-6033 Salon

    S & H Rugs SAMS M-2048

    Samad MTS 115

    Schneider PS 1-515

    Seven Wonders PS 1-517

    Signature Pillows SAMS M-4029

    Simply Birch SAMS T-717

    Southern Sky Home SHOW 1800

    Spicher & Company IHFC D423

    Stark Carpet MST 240

    Streamline Art IHFC W248

    Sweet Gumball SAMS M-7039

    Terracotta Designs SAMS G-1028

    Tracy Collins Decorative Antiques MS G-54a ADC

    Trademark Time SAMS M-5021

    Trica Inc. IHFC D515

    Tusk Antiques MS G-54a ADC

    Vahallan SAMS M-7045

    Westfall & Kitson SAMS M-6014

    Weston Farms SAMS T-816


    IMC will also host more than 20 ribbon-cutting ceremonies at Fall Market:


    Ann Gish - IH506 INTERHALL - Oct. 13 8:45 a.m.

    A & B Home – IHFC H320 – Oct. 13 9 a.m.

    Spicher & Co. – IHFC D423 – Oct. 13 9:15 a.m.

    Auskin USA – IHFC H417 – Oct. 13 9:30 a.m.

    Albany – IHFC H744 – Oct. 13 9:45 a.m.

    Dimplex – IHFC H745 – Oct. 13 10 a.m.

    Bruce Andrews Design – 200 North Hamilton (space 100) – Oct. 13 10:30 a.m.

    Friedman Bros Mirror – 200 North Hamilton (space 102) - Oct. 13 10:45 a.m.

    Arteriors – C&D lobby – Oct. 13 11:15 a.m.

    Jaipur – PS 210 – Oct. 13 11:35 a.m.

    Fusion Furniture – PS 406 – Oct. 13 11:45 a.m.

    Streamline Art – IHFC W248 – Oct. 13 1 p.m.

    Urban Barnwood Furniture – IHFC D1110 1 – Oct. 13 1 p.m.

    Guildmaster – IHFC C403 – Oct. 13 1:30 p.m.

    Tufan Rugs – IHFC H421 – Oct. 13 1:45 p.m.

    GQ Galleries – IHFC D508 – Oct. 13 2 p.m.

    Trica – IHFC D515 – Oct. 13 2:15 p.m.

    J Star – IHFC M632 – Oct. 13 2:30 p.m.

    Villa 2 – IHFC H621 Oct. 13 2:45 p.m.

    Commonground Distributors – NMS288 – Oct. 13 3:40 p.m.

    Unique Loom – NMS 290 – Oct. 13 3:50 p.m.

    Harounian – MST 110A – Oct. 13 4 p.m.

    Lane Venture – MST 114 – Oct. 13 4:15 p.m.

    American Made Silks – SP2317 – Oct. 13 4:45 p.m.

    Sono Inspired – SP3446 – Oct. 13 5 p.m.

    Prestige Mills – HMS240 – Oct. 14 9:45 a.m.

    Hospitality area – SAMS Top Floor – Oct. 14 10 a.m.

    SALON renovation – Oct. 14 3 p.m.


    Photographs of the ribbon cuttings occurring at market are available online at: http://imchighpointmarket.com/press-photos.

    For more information about exhibitors, go to http://www.imchighpointmarket.com/exhibitor-directory/

    For travel information and to plan your Market, go to http://www.imchighpointmarket.com/plan-your-market.

    To register: http://www.highpointmarket.org/register

    About International Market Centers, L.P.

    IMC, which Blackstone and Fireside Investments acquired in 2017, is the world's largest owner and operator of premier showroom space for the furnishings, home décor, gift and apparel industries, with nearly 20 million square feet of world-class exhibition space in High Point, N.C., Las Vegas, and Atlanta. The Company’s mission is to build and operate an innovative, sustainable, profitable and scalable platform for the furnishings, home décor, gift and apparel industries. For more information, please visit www.imcenters.com.


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