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Bedding is Big Business

Mattresses & Bedding

A good night’s sleep is just about the most important building block of a healthy household for consumers, and the right mattress is crucial to creating a strong foundation. High Point Market is home to many of the top bedding producers and offers a great try-it-out atmosphere for a multi-billion-dollar product category.Before resting their head on a supportive pillow, buyers can turn down top of bed that supports their sleeping habits and personal style. Duvet covers, quilts, and so much more, there are so many ways to support a good night’s sleep in the mattress and bedding category. 


Price point, styles and options are crucial purchase factors in all product categories, including bedding. Consider this: the US mattress market has a projected value of $18.9 billion by 2023 (Nap Lab).

Bedding is big business with a 21+% increase in sales projected for the mattress/boxspring category over the next five years (PBM Strategic Insights), and HPMKT exhibitors provide a compelling mattress mix!