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    Exclusive Seminars and Suite Spot Tours Slated for Spring High Point Market

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    Exclusive Seminars and Suite Spot Tours Slated for Spring High Point Market
    Seminar Headliners include Bunny Williams, Candice Olson, Rachel Ashwell

    High Point, NC – (March 30, 2017) – International Market Centers (IMC) is expanding its exclusive series of design-oriented seminars and tours for the Spring High Point Market, April 22-26, 2017, with a new seminar venue at 200 North Hamilton. Headlined by top designers and home experts, the seminars focus on the hot topics impacting the design world today.

    IMC’s popular Suite Spot tours are also on tap for spring, led by designers, bloggers, and social media maestros that have their finger on the pulse of what is hot today. Marketgoers can get a first-hand look at what trendsetters think is a must-see at High Point Market this spring by spending an hour on a guided tour with one of these talented tastemakers. In addition, IMC has added its first Hamilton Highlights tour, a spin around the Hamilton Wrenn Design District with Kelli Lamb, Managing Editor of RUE Media, that will focus on favorite finds in 200, 320, and 330 North Hamilton.

    “The High Point Market is known as a top destination for the newest and best in home furnishings and accessories,” says Karen Olson, Senior Vice President of Marketing for IMC. “But it’s also the source for inspiration and education for interior designers and retailers from around the world. This spring, IMC is adding even more to its educational offerings with nine seminars at its newest venue at 200 Hamilton, which is sponsored in partnership with Alden Parkes. Most IMC seminars are free and accredited with those all-important CEUs.”

    The compelling roster of unique and exclusive seminars offered includes many from the world’s leading designers, with headliners such as Bunny Williams, Candice Olsen, Shabby Chic founder Rachel Ashwell, Courtney & Robert Novogratz (stars of HGTV's Home by Novogratz and Bravo's 9 by Design), David Phoenix for Hickory Chair, and Jeffrey Bilhuber for Henredon.

    The full list of seminars and tours includes:

    Friday, April 21, 2017
    Friday, April 21, 1:00pm-2:00pm
    Colormix™ 2017 Color Forecast
    Nicole Ruffing, Sherwin Williams
    Alden Parkes Seminar Room, 200 N. Hamilton, S Ct 110
    Co-Sponsored by IMC-DesignOnHPMkt and Alden Parkes & IDS
    The state of color has never been more restless. New spirituality, cultural flux, feisty self-expression and soulful nostalgia are combining to paint an emerging portrait of our shared future. Join Nicole Ruffing, of Sherwin Williams, as she takes us through Colormix™ 2017. This course will take the participant on a visual journey with stimulating imagery, factual statistics and perceptive research that supports the 2017 forecast for color and design trends. We will explore the drivers influencing future color and design trends that include global, technological, historic, psychological and economic factors with specific information on four dominant color stories. An afternoon pick-me-up will be served. (0.1 CEU)

    Friday, April 21, 4:00pm-5:00pm
    Photographing your Beautiful Spaces: Hiring The Right Photographer
    Bert Vanderveen
    Alden Parkes Seminar Room, 200 N. Hamilton, S Ct 110
    Co-Sponsored by IMC-DesignOnHPMkt and Alden Parkes
    There’s a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes of an interior design photography shoot before the photographer even shows up. Did you hire the right photographer? Did you negotiate your image rights? Is your room properly staged for photography? VanderVeen Photographer’s Bert VanderVeen explains the ins and outs of hiring the right photographer, how to get what you need from your photographer, and how to make your projects’ photos to be magazine-worthy. There will also be a Q&A with Bert. Refreshments will be served. (0.1 CEU)

    Saturday, April 22, 2017

    Saturday, April 22, 10:30am-11:30am
    Master Class with Bunny Williams
    Suites at Market Square Seminar Room (SAMS T-1014)
    Running a successful design business requires far more than fabric and furniture savvy and general good taste. With nearly a half century of design experience, a namesake furniture line and nine licensed partnerships under her belt,  Bunny Williams shares her knowledge about avoiding design mistakes, keeping clients happy, getting press, enjoying fruitful partnerships and becoming a brand. (0.1 CEU)
    Saturday, April 22, 1:00pm-2:00pm
    Turning a Creative Eye into a Successful Career: 10 Questions for David Phoenix
    David Phoenix - David Phoenix Inc. & Newell Turner - Veranda
    Suites at Market Square Seminar Room (SAMS T-1014)
    Co-Sponsored by Hickory Chair and IMC-DesignOnHPMkt
    In a lively Q&A program, Los Angeles-based interior designer David Phoenix, of David Phoenix Inc., has answers for every creative soul. Based on his experiences working with a roster of clients and his debut furniture collection for Hickory Chair, David’s story is filled with real life lessons and “only-in-Hollywood” anecdotes. Newell Turner, Editorial Director of the Hearst Design Group, will lead this discussion with David.

    Saturday, April 22, 1:00pm-2:00pm
    2017 Color, Material, and Surface Trends
    Kathy Andersson
    Alden Parkes Seminar Room, 200 N. Hamilton, S Ct 110
    Co-Sponsored by IMC-DesignOnHPMkt and Alden Parkes
    Join color marketing expert Kathy Andersson in a visually rich presentation exploring color, materials, and surface trends in 2017. Kathy Andersson will provide expert insight on color choices, surface applications, and materials influencing tomorrow’s consumers, as well as costly pitfalls to avoid when making design decisions.  By the end of this seminar you’ll have the tools to help you better communicate with manufacturers and customers about your color decisions. There will be a Q&A at the end with Kathy. An afternoon pick-me-up will be served. (0.1 CEU)

    Saturday, April 22, 3:00pm-4:00pm
    Influence of Fashion on the Interior Design Industry
    Corey Damen Jenkins, Corey Damen Jenkins & Associates
    Leathercraft Showroom.  200 N Hamilton Building Suite 205
    Join Interior Designer Corey Damen Jenkins as he discusses the influence of fashion on the Interior Design Industry.  He will be exploring color, shape, and texture influences from High Fashion and their role in home furnishings, in keeping the excitement thriving and the look sophisticated.
    Saturday, April 22, 3:30pm-4:30pm
    TrendWatch: Spring 2017
    Julie Smith Vincenti, Nine Muses Media
    Suites at Market Square Seminar Room (SAMS T-1014)
    IMC's popular TrendWatch program returns to High Point Market this Spring with an inside look at leading trends shaping the home furnishings industry. TrendWatch, both an opening-day seminar and three on-site trend displays, is directed by home furnishings trend forecaster, editor, and curator Julie Smith Vincenti of Nine Muses Media. Look for three TrendWatch displays at IMC properties: Suites at Market Square Lobby, IHFC Green Lobby and the walkway between IHFC and Showplace near the Transportation Terminal. (0.1 CEU)

    Saturday, April 22, 4:00pm-5:00pm
    Furniture Development: An Insider’s Look From Inspiration To Creation
    Suzanne Kreiser
    Alden Parkes Seminar Room, 200 N. Hamilton, S Ct 110
    Co-Sponsored by IMC-DesignOnHPMkt and Alden Parkes
    Have you ever wondered what goes into to the furniture development process and what it takes to create a functional, livable work of art? Product developer and interior designer, Suzanne Kreiser, will lead an informative “behind the scenes” look into today's furniture development trends and inspirations, and how the perfect blend of materials, colors, and textures are chosen to create these masterpieces. Suzanne will also reveal the “magic number” formula that is used to create each piece and how designs are translated into a sellable product. There will be a Q&A at the end with Suzanne. An afternoon pick-me-up will be served. (0.1 CEU)

    Sunday, April 23, 2017

    Sunday, April 23, 10:00am-11:00am
    How Rachel Ashwell created a lasting brand. Shabby Chic: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow.
    Suites at Market Square Seminar Room (SAMS T-1014)
    Launching her latest Rachel Ashwell furniture & bedding collection here at High Point, she continues to honor her mantra “Beauty, Comfort & Function” for every home.  As the original visionary behind Shabby Chic, Rachel Ashwell had a simple mission to inspire and educate people to live beautifully and comfortably. For over 25 years, Rachel’s timeless design philosophy is more relevant today than ever, incorporating luxurious textiles, exquisite details and uncompromising quality.  She will share how she developed the lasting Shabby Chic brand, what she is doing to solidify its future, and how those things exist together with authenticity.  A journey where she has maintained the core values for both Shabby Chic and Rachel Ashwell brands while understanding that the landscape of retail is ever changing. (0.1 CEU)

    Sunday, April 23, 11:00am-12:00pm
    The Art of Wallcoverings: A Discussion with Candice Olson
    Candice Olson, York Wall Coverings
    Alden Parkes Seminar Room, 200 N. Hamilton, S Ct 110
    Co-Sponsored by IMC-DesignOnHPMkt and Alden Parkes
    Incorporating all aspects of using the luxury of wallcoverings to enhance, and ultimately elevate spaces and your bottom line, will be discussed in this broad ranging seminar with one of America’s favorite designers, Candice Olson. Discover how usage of wallpaper can define spaces and create new and exciting way to decorate that speaks to the individuality of your customer. A Q&A period will follow. Refreshments will be served. (0.1 CEU)

    Sunday, April 23, 11:30am-12:30pm
    Giving your Home a Boutique Vibe with the Novogratz
    Robert and Cortney Novogratz with Kelli Lamb of RUE
    Suites at Market Square Seminar Room (SAMS T-1014)
    Co-Sponsored by Momeni and IMC-DesignOnHPMkt
    Join Kelli Lamb, Managing Editor of RUE Magazine & RUE Media, as she leads a discussion with Robert and Cortney Novogratz, stars of HGTV's Home by Novogratz and Bravo's 9 by Design. They will discuss the well-traveled home: designing with a cultured approach to give your home a boutique vibe, share stories of traveling with 7 kids, bringing home beautiful artifacts from all over the world, and incorporating them into everything from Manhattan townhouses to boutique hotels.
    Sunday, April 23, 1:00pm-2:00pm
    Inside the Designer’s Studio with Jeffrey Bilhuber
    Moderated by Parker Bowie Larson, Architectural Digest
    Suites at Market Square Seminar Room (SAMS T-1014)
    Co-Sponsored by Henredon Furniture and IMC-DesignOnHPMkt
    Following the “Inside the Actor’s Studio” concept and format, design icon Jeffrey Bilhuber will discuss a variety of designer-focused topics as well as share insights from his life. Jeffrey will share design how to’s and trends while discussing his approach to design, clients and working within the design community. While drawing upon his experience, Jeffrey will give tips that will have a broad application for designers in their own projects. He will have a lively one-on-one conversation with Parker Bowie Lawson, Market Director for Architectural Digest, and will take questions from the audience following the discussion. (0.1 CEU)
    Sunday, April 23, 1:00pm-2:00pm
    Passion for Leather: Use Leather With Confidence In Your Design Projects
    Corey Damen Jenkins, David Sigmon, Tara Boyd - Leathercraft
    Alden Parkes Seminar Room, 200 N. Hamilton, S Ct 110
    Co-Sponsored by IMC-DesignOnHPMkt and Alden Parkes
    Explore leather’s beauty, versatility, strength and timeless style with interior designer Corey Damen Jenkins and Leathercraft’s David Sigmon and Tara Boyd in an informative seminar about the role of leather in today’s marketplaces and the advantages of using leather for home interiors, as well as specifying the correct type of leather based on environmental factors and performance needs. This seminar will examine textiles mixed with leathers for home furnishings use, noting various combinations of content, look, durability, and texture to explore how leather and textiles can and should be used in combination for overall durability, visual interest, style and drama, as well as performance and cleanability.  There will also be a Q&A with the panel. Refreshments will be served. (0.1 CEU)
    Sunday, April 23, 3:30pm-5:00pm
    LifeStyle Journey of 2017 Trends with HGTV
    Nancy Fire, HGTV Home & Design Works International
    Sponsored by HGTV/HGTV HOME, Design Works International & IMC-DesignOnHPMkt
    Suites at Market Square Seminar Room (SAMS T-1014)
    Join Nancy Fire, Design Director of HGTV HOME and Founder of Design Works International in NYC, as she takes you on a “LifeStyle Journey” of emerging trends pertaining to updated product, color, pattern and prints. She will also talk about “The Fusion of Fashion, Food and Home” and their relevance in today’s trends. Don’t leave without your HGTV HOME Trend Bag with the HGTV Magazine, and other home related-designer items. (0.1 CEU)

    Monday, April 24, 2017

    Monday, April 24, 9:00am-10:00am
    How to Grow Your Business With Self-Publishing
    Shay Geyer, IBB Designs
    Alden Parkes Seminar Room, 200 N. Hamilton, S Ct 110
    Co-Sponsored by IMC-DesignOnHPMkt and Alden Parkes
    Would you like to reach your customers in an engaging, inspiring, and profitable way? Interior designer and retail store owner Shay Geyer has tapped into the marketing power of custom publishing to help grow her business both locally and nationally through her quarterly magazine, IBB at Home. Shay will discuss how you can turn your brand into a household name with your own magazine instead of battling for limited features in trade publications; as well as explain how to get your magazine started and placed in front of readers – and ultimately increase your new client inquiries. There will be also be a Q&A with Shay. Refreshments will be served. (0.1 CEU)
    Monday, April 24, 1:00pm-2:00pm
    Magnolia Magic with Weston Farms
    Erin Weston, Weston Farms
    Suites at Market Square Seminar Room (SAMS T-1014)
    Featured on the cover of House Beautiful, and seen in Garden and Gun Magazine, Southern Living, HGTV, PBS, and The NC Museum of Art, creative force Erin Weston of Weston Farms will demonstrate how to incorporate cut foliage into timeless arrangements in any season throughout the year. Erin founded Weston Farms with a complex goal: to cultivate luxury on her family farm and to combine her fine arts degree with the horticulture endeavors initiated by her father. Today Weston Farms specializes in Southern Magnolia and botanical ingredients for use in garlands, wreaths, topiaries and other natural accessories. These materials look great fresh and last for years to come when dried. Erin will share her designer secrets in this informative and fun lecture. These simple techniques can be applied to your designs and bring the beauty of nature to any interior.
    Monday, April 24, 3:00pm-4:00pm
    Captivate, A 2017 Color Forecast
    Rachel Skafidas, Pratt & Lambert
    Co-Sponsored by IMC-DesignOnHPMkt and IDS
    Suites at Market Square Seminar Room (SAMS T-1014)
    In 2017, color trends are not just about the colors themselves, but how they are derived.  The texture, the gloss, the softness, the metallic sheen...color and design are more passion oriented.  It is digging into the intricate details rather than just glancing over them. Diving into the details of not only what you see, but how it is made. (0.1 CEU)

    Monday, April 24, 4:00pm-5:00pm
    Design Freedom & Flexibility: Using Performance Fabrics For Your Design Projects
    Blake Lindsay, Valdese Weavers
    Alden Parkes Seminar Room, 200 N. Hamilton, S Ct 110
    Co-Sponsored by IMC-DesignOnHPMkt and Alden Parkes
    Performance matters, especially when you design for homes to be lived in. Please join Valdese Weavers’ Blake Lindsey for an informative seminar about the versatility of using performance fabrics for your interior design projects and how they can keep your designs looking beautiful, fresh, and clean for years to come. Learn how performance fabrics can enhance and protect your designs, and leave clients happy—even after the dog got mud on the sofa. There will also be a Q&A with Blake. Refreshments will be served. (0.1 CEU)

    Tuesday, April 25, 2017

    Tuesday, April 25, 11:00am-2:00pm
    The Strength of an Effective Agreement
    Paula Grace Halewski, Paula Grace Designs
    Suites at Market Square Seminar Room (SAMS T-1014)
    The Agreement an interior designer has with her/his clients is a critical tool in forming and maintaining a positive professional relationship. The Agreement is our guide that defines how you and your client will behave with each other over the course of the project. Your client signing it is good, but it’s even more than having their 'buy in.' It's about a true partnership that maintains the calm and forward movement. The Agreement symbolizes trust, respect, and reliability for both the client and the designer. When written and implemented effectively, the Agreement is the step by step road map for day to day events, solving problems, and easing challenges, large and small. Having a comprehensive Agreement is step one. Knowing how to discuss its meaning with your clients beyond the words on the page is step two. This workshop is specifically to create components to an effective Agreement for you to use in your business. Understanding the power of the Agreement in your own mind and ultimately in the mind of your client is the focus of this workshop. Number of available seats is limited to 50. This is an active participant workshop. Course credit  0.3 CEU. RSVP required. Visit http://www.imchighpointmarket.com/seminars-and-events/ to register.
    Tuesday, April 25, 1:00pm-2:00pm
    Trends, Takeaways and Insights from Spring High Point Market
    Cindy Hodnett, Designers Today
    Alden Parkes Seminar Room, 200 N. Hamilton, S Ct 110
    Co-Sponsored by IMC-DesignOnHPMkt and Alden Parkes
    It’s impossible to get everywhere at market, so join Cindy Hodnett, Editor in Chief, Designers Today and Upholstery+Style Editor, Furniture Today, for a look at trends, consumer influences on new product lines and market takeaways you might have missed. Cindy will discuss various trends, new product launches, color trends and many other exciting observations that will help designers take the most from market. Enjoy lunch in the Alden Parkes showroom while gaining news you can use to grow your business. (0.1 CEU)

    Tours, Including Suite Spot Tours and the Hamilton Highlights Tour

    Sat-Tues, April 22 - 25, 2017

    Saturday, April 22 – Tuesday, April 25, 1:00-2:00pm
    Suite Spot Tours: Let the Tastemakers Be Your Guides
    Tours will depart from the Top Floor of the Suites at Market Square
    Join our star-studded Suite Spot Tour leaders Lori Paranjape, Gary Inman, Courtney Alison with French Country Cottage and Commander in Chic™ as they take you on a guided tour of their favorite finds on all three floors of The Suites at Market Square – the largest and only presentation of temporary exhibits and a must-see for every designer and retailer looking for what’s new and innovative. And don’t miss out on our premier “Hamilton Highlights Tour” with Kelli Lamb of RUE Media. RSVP required. Visit http://www.imchighpointmarket.com/suite-spot-tours to register.

    Saturday, April 22 – Courtney Alison, 2:30-3:30pm
    Sunday, April 23 – Gary Inman, 2-3pm
    Monday, April 24 – Lori Paranjape, 2-3pm
    Monday, April 24 – Kelli Lamb, 1-2:30pm – Hamilton Highlights Tour
    Tuesday, April 25 – Commander in Chic™, 2-3pm

    Glen & Jamie Design Tour 2017
    Glen Peloso and Jamie Alexander, Peloso Alexander Interiors
    Join Glen Peloso and Jamie Alexander, two well-respected names in design, for exclusive tours & events at High Point Market. Complimentary private showroom tours run through market week and include 4-5 showrooms per day. Information and free registration at: https://www.glenandjamie.com/hmpkt/

    Complete Information & Details for all IMC-DesignOnHPMKT Seminars & Events during market can be found at: http://www.imchighpointmarket.com/seminars-and-events/

    For a complete listing of High Point Market exhibitors and showroom locations, visit: http://www.highpointmarket.org/ and click on “find exhibitors” in the drop-down menu.

    Spring High Point Market runs from Saturday, April 22 – Wednesday, April 26. Showroom hours are 8am-7pm Saturday-Tuesday; and 8am-5pm on Wednesday.

    To register: http://www.highpointmarket.org/register

    Find accommodations: http://www.highpointmarket.org/plan-your-trip/accommodations

    Take advantage of the free airport shuttle service: http://www.highpointmarket.org/plan-your-trip/airport-shuttles; and more, visit: http://www.highpointmarket.org/

    About International Market Centers, L.P.
    International Market Centers, L.P. (IMC) is the world’s largest operator of premier showroom space for the furnishings, home décor and gift industries. IMC owns and operates 12.1 million square feet of world-class exhibition space in High Point, N.C. and Las Vegas, including the 14 primary buildings at the High Point Market. In addition, IMC operates the Las Vegas Design Center, a year-round resource open to both the design trade and consumers with more than 40 showrooms and hundreds of designer brands. IMC’s mission is to build and operate an innovative, sustainable, profitable and scalable platform for the furnishings, home décor and gift industries.

    Media Contact:
    Renee Loper-Boyd
    Vice President, Marketing
    rloper-boyd@imcenters.com | (336) 888-3795