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Spring 2024 People's Choice Winners!

Outdoor Oasis


Cozy Glam


Modern Farmhouse



Week 6: Maximalism

Express yourself with bold hues, daring prints, and product choices that will have people stop in their tracks. This week’s selections are the ultimate conversation starters.


Week 5: Modern Farmhouse

Are you a lover of warmth and simplicity? The new farmhouse aesthetic focuses on natural hues, and minimalist designs will enrich any space. From the kitchen to the dining room, these pieces are ideal for any love of clean lines and textures.


Week 4: Coastal

Make any space feel like a seaside destination with these charming vacation-inspired selections, ranging from cool colors to entertainment ready pieces.


Week 3: Cozy Glam

What is the best way to elevate the home? Embellish it! Subtle accents with cozy textures and high-end finishes are here to stay. Start glamorizing any space with these selections.


Week 2: Botanicals

Print and patterns are brighter than ever! Ranging from delicate florals to delightful jungles, botanical fabrics and fixtures bring the great outdoors to any space.


Week 1: Outdoor Oasis

Outdoor living has reached new heights. As more individuals gravitate to staycations and elevated home entertainment, the at-home outdoor retreat is more important than ever. Recline, dine and illuminate at home with this week’s product finds.


Fall 2023 People's Choice Winners

Temporary Furniture

Permanent Furniture

Permanent Home Décor

Temporary Home Décor - TIE!

Spring 2023 People's Choice Winners

Furniture & Home Decor