• ASID Talking Trends in Residential Design 04/13/2024

    11:00 am - 12:00 pm | Sherwin-Williams Seminar Room (SAMS T-1022)

    Speakers: Joni Vanderslice - J. Banks Design Group
    Christi Barbour - Barbour Spangle Design
    Susan Currie - Susan Currie Design
    Laura Sullivan - My Favorite Design
    Dr. Dawn Haynie - American Society of Interior Designers

    Event Type: Educational, Networking

    Joni Vanderslice Christi Barbour Susan Currie Laura Sullivan Dr. Dawn Haynie

    Although demand is expected to vary in the residential markets by region, most clients seem to be focused on connecting with family and friends in genuine and meaningful ways, seeking camaraderie and comfort. Join us for a discussion about the latest trends impacting interior design. Hear from Dr. Dawn Haynie, ASID Research Fellow, and leading designers as they discuss the impact of these current trends in residential design, such as the focus on comfort and connected living, the importance of health and wellness, the rise in quiet luxury, the desire for customization and personalization, and new strategies in marketing. Presented by ANDMORE at High Point Market, in partnership with ASID and Sherwin-Williams.


    American society of interior designers



    Sherwin Williams


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  • Sherwin-Williams 2024 Colormix® Forecast 04/13/2024

    1:00 pm - 2:00 pm | Sherwin-Williams Seminar Room (SAMS T-1022)

    Speakers: Emily Kantz - Sherwin Williams

    Event Type: Seminar, Educational

    Emily Kantz

    Join Emily Kantz, Sherwin-Williams Color Marketing Manager, for the presentation of the 2024 Colormix® Forecast, Anthology: Volume One. Attendees will receive the exclusive Sherwin-Williams 2024 Colormix® Forecast brochure. This course will take the participant on a tour of the beautiful inspiration, factual statistics, and perceptive research that support the 2024 forecast for color and design trends.

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  • INTERHALL Highlights Tour 04/13/2024

    2:00 pm - 3:00 pm | Tour will meet in IHFC Green Lobby by Elevators on 1st Floor

    Speakers: Nikki Chu - Nikki Chu Home

    Event Type: Educational, Tour, Networking

    Nikki Chu

    Discover extraordinary innovations in home furnishings on this fast-paced tour through INTERHALL. Led by Nikki Chu, celebrity interior designer, artist, author &entrepreneur. You will see all the glamorous must-haves for all retailers and designers.It’ll be a hustling, bustling pathway of premier product lines you will want to see first! Presented by ANDMORE at High Point Market.


    Tour will meet in IHFC Green Lobby by Elevators on the 1st Floor.

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  • The Power of Personal Branding 04/13/2024

    3:00 pm - 4:00 pm | Sherwin-Williams Seminar Room (SAMS T-1022)

    Speakers: Mike Peterson - Visionary Design Marketing

    Event Type: Educational, Networking

    Mike Peterson

    The Power of Personal Branding is a highly interactive discussion that identifies the key elements of brand marketing. The session includes a review of brand definition, designer brand advertising, and national brand analyses and examines how individual designers can market who they are and what they stand for. Mike Peterson, Founder of Science in Design, President of Visionary Design Marketing: Speaker, Author, and Brand Specialist, will host this session, providing designers deeper insights and appreciation of their personal brand.

    Science in Design


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  • Neuromarketing for Interior Design: Leveraging Consumer Psychology for Business Growth 04/13/2024

    4:00 pm - 5:00 pm | Sherwin-Williams Seminar Room (SAMS T-1022)

    Speakers: Linda Kafka - Science in Design & LivABLE Environment Inc.

    Event Type: Educational, Networking

    Linda Kafka

    This presentation, tailored for interior designers and design firms, dives into the fascinating world of neuromarketing, a discipline that integrates neuroscience with marketing to shape consumer behavior. Using innovative tools and techniques, we will demonstrate how to apply neuromarketing principles to enhance brand visibility and create captivating marketing pieces to strategically position your businesses for greater success and client engagement in a competitive market. A highlight is the introduction of visual attention software, a revolutionary tool that can improve your marketing materials by predicting with 92% accuracy where the unconscious mind will look first. This feature is pivotal in confirming whether your marketing messages will effectively capture the reader's attention. Led by Linda Kafka, Co-Founder of Science in Design, Founder of LivABLE Environment Inc., and one of Canada's leading experts on aging well in place. Presented by ANDMORE at High Point Market in partnership with Science in Design.


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  • Navigating Technology Advancements in Lighting Innovation! 04/14/2024

    1:00 pm - 2:00 pm | Sherwin-Williams Seminar Room (SAMS T-1022)

    Speakers: Eric Choi - Bulbrite Industries
    Zoe Feldman - Zoe Feldman Designs
    Diane Falvey - Furniture, Lighting & Décor

    Event Type: Educational, Seminar, Networking

    Eric Choi Zoe Feldman Diane Falvey

    Lighting has changed over the last year, and now the industry is pivoting and adapting! Join us for an interactive discussion to learn more about lighting & color temperature, shapes, new LED regulations & new technology. Eric Choi, Vice President of Product at Bulbrite Industries; Zoe Feldman, Interior Designer; Mitzi Tastemaker and principal of Zoe Feldman Designs; and additional lighting experts from the manufacturing viewpoint will be with us discussing these topics and many more. Diane Falvey, Editor in Chief of Furniture, Lighting & Décor will moderate this discussion. Bring your bright questions and learn together.

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  • Support Yourself, Your Firm, and Your Employees 04/15/2024

    1:00 pm - 2:00 pm | Sherwin-Williams Seminar Room (SAMS T-1022)

    Speakers: Beth Diana Smith - Beth Diana Smith Interior Design
    Mathew De Geeter - ASID, MBA, LEED AP
    Peter Rowe

    Event Type: Educational, Networking

    Beth Diana Smith Mathew De Geeter Peter Rowe

    As a firm owner, you’re challenged with all aspects of running your business. When growing your firm, you need to attract and retain top talent to remain competitive. Hear from firm owner Beth Diana Smith and employer benefits provider Peter Rowe as they discuss opportunities for firm owners to support themselves and their teams. Moderated by Matthew De Geeter, ASID, MBA, LEED AP, gain actionable insight and accessible resources for your firm. Presented by ANDMORE at High Point Market, in partnership with ASID and Sherwin-Williams.


    American society of interior designers



    Sherwin Williams


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